TA Recruitment Skill Training 1-Day Course announced

We are excited to announce a full day training course for experienced TA and HR professionals. Courses available in all major cities, or tailored and delivered onsite for clients at their premises.

This is a great opportunity for TA's and HR professionals to get the latest insights and best practices relating to:

  • The current marketplace in 2023
  • EVP and Brand
  • Debrief of pre-course reading & Employment law Quiz
  • Increasing Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment
  • Competency Base Interviewing techniques
  • Question types & in-depth probing techniques
  • Best practice Interview structure
  • Preparation & question practice for Interview Session
  • Process of observing, recording, classifying & Note Taking
  • Interview Practice question technique & note taking
  • Feedback session & Candidate Evaluation
  • Different assessment methods
  • Reference checking
  • Onboarding Techniques

The full-day course is only $1000.00 + GST.

For more information on TA Fundamentals contact us.