“TA Fundamentals Training” Talent Acquisition Training Course In Sydney, Melbourne Or Nationwide At Your Office Location

ALL Courses are available for in-house delivery at your premises and can be tailored to your process, procedures and values.

Course Overview - TA Fundamentals Training

Many in the TA profession have never received any formal training. This course is ideal for anyone in TA or HR and covers some fundamentals such as Competency Based Interviewing, EEO and the law, through to best practice recruitment techniques and insights on the marketplace and new attraction strategies

Selecting the best person for a job role is a critical skill for those in TA and HR. Recruitment Training is often overlooked in HR Degrees. Learning to lead the recruitment conversation. Giving Recruiters the skills to take a good brief and coach others, such as hiring managers on the process, D&I considerations and overall best practices within your organisation.

Where Are the Courses Held?

We can hold courses at either of our Sydney or Melbourne training locations or if you prefer we can come on-site and teach the courses at your premises or deliver the course online.

Course LocationsAddress
MelbourneQueens Street, Melbourne, NSW
SydneyNear Wynard Station, NSW
Your Office / Business LocationAustralia-wide
Online / VirtualAustralia-wide

Course Pre-Requisites

This course is suitable for TA and HR professionals, new or experienced in the recruitment profession, who want to formalise their learning and ensure best practices are applied. Also, for those wanting a more structured, fair interviewing process and to improve their interviewing and selection skills.

Maximum Attendees

Our course is designed for 15 to 20 participants.

Course Length

2 x 1/2 Day Sessions (8:45 AM - 1:45 PM), though all our courses can be tailored to your specific business needs.

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What Do Our Recruitment Courses Cover?

Please see below for a full itinerary of our 2 x half-day courses which can of course be tailored to your company’s needs and structure.

  • The current marketplace in 2024
  • EVP & Brand: Attracting good candidates
  • Debrief of pre-course reading & employment law quiz
  • Increasing diversity & inclusion in recruitment
  • The art of taking a good brief
  • Competency based interviewing techniques
  • Question types & in-depth probing techniques
  • Best practice interview structure
  • Preparation & competency questions for the interview session
  • Process of observing, classifying & taking notes
  • Interview practice question technique
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Different assessment methods
  • Reference checking
  • Onboarding techniques

Course Price

For pricing information please get in touch so we can give you a cost specific to your company's requirements.


Course Modules & Itinerary

Morning Session

Welcome & introductions
Set-up & icebreakers
  • Learning contract formed
  • Course objectives agreed
  • Our why?
Our Why
Our Why – It’s Strategic
TA & The current candidate marketplace
Short presentation
  • The current marketplace
  • The world has changed
  • Population stats
  • Need to sell
EVP & Brand
Talk & exercise
  • Education on new market trends
  • Need to sell
  • EVP & employer branding
  • Role of social media in recruitment
Recruiting within the law
  • EEO & the law
  • EEO Quiz
  • EEO & the Law
  • Direct & indirect discrimination
Coffee Break
Introduction to TA
  • Terms & language
  • Definitions
  • Typical processes
TA Roles & models
Roles & responsibilities
TA v hiring managers role
  • Competency based
  • interviewing probing techniques   
  • Exercise: Good Boss/Bad boss 
  • Exercise: CBI question design & STAR
  • Competency based interviewing (CBI)
  • Values & behaviours in recruitment
  • Question design
  • Other screening & selection techniques
  • Probing techniques - STAR
Different question types & probing
Trainer talk on question types
  • Question types
  • Question design
  • PD to Competency questions
  • Interview structure prep

Afternoon Session

Welcome back
  • Reminder of agenda
  • Recap of morning learnings
Sourcing candidates
Short presentation
  • Role of social media in recruitment
  • Search assignments
  • Working with agencies
  • Controlling supplier lists
Phone screening
      Talk & Excersise
      • CV review
      • Shortlisting
      • How to undertake initial phone screening
      • Identifying key talent
      • Face to face interviews
      • Best practices
      • Good interview structure
      • Interview practice
      • Exercise & talk about interview structure
      • Good interview structure
      • Getting the best out of candidates
      • Interview etiquette
      • Candidate experience WIGGS
      • Do’s & Don’ts at interviews
      • Halo/Horns
      • Question types (refresh)
      Unconscious bias training
      Diversity & inclusion in rec exercise
      • D&I in recruitment
      • Unconscious bias
      • What is talent?
      • Barriers to hire (for some)
      Candidate Care
      • Candidate care
      • Preparation
      • Relationship
      • Rejections
      • Managing expectations
      • How to prepare a candidate for an interview
      • How to reject unsuitable candidates 
      • The Do’s & Don’ts of communications with candidates
      • Taking a brief
      • Hiring manager relationship building
      Trainer discussion & tips
      • Taking the recruitment brief
      • Shortlisting reports
      • Manager relationships
      • Management updates & listening techniques
      • Scoring candidates
      • Recruitment reporting
      Your recruitment process
      • Tips & techniques
      • How to get it right
      • Right people/right role
      • The XYZ company process 
      • Your role
      • HM role
      • The XYZ Co. recruitment process
      • Working within TA
      • Your role in recruitment
      • Hiring managers role & responsibility
      • Tools
      Key learnings
      • Recap of the sessions
      • Summary
      Reference Checking
      • Other things to consider
      • Other things to consider
      • Hiring on Merit Discussion &  Principles
      • Code of Conduct 
      • Key themes revisited
      • Where to go for help
      Wrap up
      Wrap up
      Individual action plans

      Course Price

      For pricing information please get in touch so we can give you a cost specific to your company's requirements.


      Course Trainer

      Rachel Hill – Director.

      Rachel consults with leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand and also offers in-house courses available for TA teams and or Hiring Managers. Contact me for a free 30-minute initial chat.

      What our clients say

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      “Before working with Hill Consulting, our recruitment function was not centralised, inefficient, and far from best-practice. We were spending excessively with far too many agencies, had no preferred supplier agreements in place, had a long complex process and had no automation or online hiring practices. Hill Consulting’s audit helped us identify thirteen key changes that we needed to implement. Following the audit, we decided to purchase and implement a Candidate Management System and centralise the recruitment team. This provided much needed standardisation, greater efficiencies, and a more professional service to the business with significant cost benefits.”

      Ted Bradshaw, HRD, Aurora Energy, Tasmania.
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      “For a strategic review - a key feature of Hill Consulting HRS is their total independence from any recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing or candidate management system provider. This ensures their complete objectivity and neutrality in assessing their clients’ recruitment needs, challenges and opportunities.”

      Andrew Hall, Director, Sydney, NSW.
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      “Hill Consulting HRS have provided excellent solutions and service to our organisation. The flexibility and adaptability that was also provided made working with them so easy, given business priorities change and therefore the solutions provided at times had to also change.”

      Sharyn Shultz, HRD, Sydney, NSW.
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      “I have known Hill Consulting HRS and Rachel for many years both personally and professionally, and find their consultants to be extremely intelligent and highly motivated HR professionals. I would highly recommend Hill Consulting HRS to any organisation needing specialist consulting services in recruitment advice and strategy arenas.”

      Nikki Beaumont, Director, NSW.
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      “I know it is late but I wanted to say thank you for matching me with Annette and Scoot Boots. Just finished the first week. Love the team and the culture.

      Recent candidate Tasmania
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      Who is this course for?

      This course is ideal for those in TA (Talent Acquisition) teams working for in-house corporate teams or NFP organisations. It is also suitable for people in HR specifically those new to the Recruitment function.

      Many organisations now recognise those in TA have never received any formal training in Recruitment. There is a lot to know from the law through to market trends and best practice interview structure and probing techniques. This course is set at a higher level than our other programs. People in TA needing a high level of skill and knowledge as have to coach and mentor others across the business

      What elements are different?

      This course is set at a higher level than our other programs. It includes specific additional segments only Recruiters need to know, such as taking a brief, the hiring manager relationship, reporting requirements, search components and the use of social media. Plus can also include elements on HR tech and AI tools for recruitment (on request)