Recruitment Process Outsourcing

"Parachute RPO" by Hill Consulting
Recruitment support for your big campaigns when you need it most. No fees when you don’t. Recruit Clever.

How we can help

Sometimes our clients need a little extra support and ask us for help with a specific campaign. Parachute RPO by Hill Consulting offers tailor-made recruitment support as and when you need it. This turn-on, turn-off (TOTO) flexible recruitment solution means we can "parachute" in to assist your internal teams during times of peak demand (such as for annual graduate or intern recruitment campaigns) or restructures. We support your Hiring Managers, TA teams and HR teams, working alongside them to achieve your recruitment goals.

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What is Parachute RPO?

With Parachute RPO, we can "parachute" in whenever you need us to provide expert support and guidance on your recruitment campaigns. Just use us as little or as much as you need.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?


Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is a recruitment solution whereby you outsource all, or part, of your recruitment function to a specialist provider such as Hill Consulting HRS. This does not have to be on a permanent basis. We offer a range of RPO solutions designed to support existing TA / Recruitment or HR functions scale up in peak periods. Busy? You’ll benefit from access to some of the most experienced minds in recruitment and Talent Acquisition in Australia. All of our team have held senior roles within in-house corporate teams. We also offer the latest in HR technology, AI tools and testing, providing the most efficient recruitment processes and methodologies underpinned by market know-how and Australian best practice.

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Our RPO Services - How we work

We provide RPO services in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, or nationally, if and when required. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and always tailored. No job too small or too large, from state-based to national. We usually support clients on providing end-to-end support, on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Bulk Recruitment is what we do best. We call this “Parachute RPO”.

As a boutique agency we are different from “the big guys” and proud of this. This means we can provide a higher level of care and attention with each campaign to clients, hiring managers and candidates. We manage your end-to-end bulk campaigns, from drafting and posting adverts, designing application forms and the back-end ATS process set up, right through to providing know-how and advice, giving integrated support (to your existing HR and/or TA team) for a specific period. We can provide all of this for a complete campaign or just for a specific part of your recruitment process such as short-listing or reference checking.

We customise each and every solution, so we can work with your exiting tools and ATS (they are your candidates, not ours). This solution will transform your in-house recruitment services and enable you to deliver on time and with quality hires on important campaigns.

With Parachute RPO by Hill Consulting, you can then turn us on or off! Just use us as little or as much as you need.

A Typical Graduate Recruitment Campaign

Looks a little bit like this…

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Graduate Recruitment

Many of our clients only use us once a year for their “big” campaign, often graduate or intern recruitment, where they have large volumes of candidates to process quickly and fairly, and for a limited number of positions. They always want to ensure candidates have a good experience in the process.

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Cool Recruitment Tools

We help negotiate, set up and administer all tools to integrate with the campaign. Saving you and the TA team time (no need to source several providers or tools for a campaign – we do all that for you). So just one invoice. We take either no or very little commission on the tools, so we can also secure you some of the best prices in the industry because of our relationships.

We help negotiate, set up and administer all tools to integrate with the campaign. Saving you and the TA team time (no need to source several providers or tools for a campaign – we do all that for you). So just one invoice. We take either no or very little commission on the tools, so we can also secure you some of the best prices in the industry because of our relationships.

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Recruitment tools - Our Partners

We tailor each solution to meet the specific role and client needs. To do this we work with many partners to bring you the best testing and recruitment tools available. Our tools range from AI Chat bots, Psychometric, Cognitive and Skills testing, through to reference checking tools.

Case Study | Government Graduate Recruitment RPO

RPO partnership with a State Healthcare Department (Paramedic Recruitment)

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Tailor-made Campaign Solutions

We partner with some of the biggest and the best providers in Australia. Always vendor-agnostic (your choices), we recommend and or can source specific tools for each and every campaign. This will depend on the role and the needs of the organisation and your specific selection criteria.

We don’t have a “one size fits all” solution.

This means our clients get access to the very latest and best AI or Psychometric tools, without having to source them or negotiated rates or prices. We also set up, run and integrate each tool for you. Have a tool or ATS you like or use already? Not a problem, we can partner or use any existing system, platform or tools. The choice is yours. Need help and advice on the best AI-chatbot in Recruitment or ATS platform? We can do that too.

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RPO Candidate Care

A key consideration for us is always candidate care. Our bulk campaigns are often high-touch, and we receive fantastic feedback on the process, the tools and our ability to support candidates through each stage of the process. Each campaign offers a dedicated inbox for that vacancy with 24-hour turn around guaranteed response rate to candidate queries or issues. We also provide extra support services for those that may need a little additional support, such as diverse or minority groups within our communities.

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Government & Graduate Recruitment

We know and understand government recruitment practices. Many of our clients are government agencies, whether at a local, state or federal level, and we can help. We understand recruitment teams get very busy with daily demands. We also understand the principles of Hiring on Merit, and process considerations when it comes to fairness, equity and D&I needs. Our attention to detail includes supporting you with panel interview requirements, helping to write a selection report, running reference, verification and health checks for our clients.

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Scaling up quickly is our specialty and so is tool and assessment know-how

Times get busy and we help lift the load and provide tailor-made solutions, and the right testing and assessment tools for each campaign, depending on the requirements of the role.

With the ability to provide individual feedback on knock-out stage for any candidate that request it.

See our testimonials and case studies for more details.

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Time to Hire

Many of our clients want help, and they want help now! We are experts in rapid deployment and delivery. For some clients this has meant a three-day or three-week turnaround from initial proposal, quote, to advert, to go-live (looking after over 600 applications).

Many of our campaigns only take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

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Access to the Latest tools – AI and Chat Bots in Recruitment

We love “cool tools for HR” and we know Recruitment. We combine this know-how and our passion for efficiency with the desire to save you time and money by using the latest screening tools and AI chat bots in recruitment.

For a quick look at what’s out there - Download our Ultimate User Guide to AI in Recruitment here. Need to know more about which Chat Bots for your organisation? Give us a call or book a 30-minute strategy session to discuss your HR tech stack and what might be the best solution for you.

For your Ultimate Guide to AI in Recruitment, download the PDF.

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Why we’re different

Not a typical Recruitment Agency. We can flex to suit your needs. You can use us as few or as many of our services as you need. We are adaptable, flexible and will tailor every project or campaign for your specific organisation and roles. We also work hard to reduce your costs and time to hire, improve efficiencies and help share skills and knowledge. Our difference is seen in the data, analysis and insights we provide to clients at every step in the process.