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Who we are

Hill Consulting is on a mission is to change the world of recruitment. We aim to give candidates get better experiences, employers better quality hires, reduce the time to hire and reduce costs. All of this done with better candidate care, more diversity and inclusion thought and considerations, plus better candidate fit to your culture.

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Our values

We have the know-how; we are innovative in our approaches and are happy to share ideas and best practice with our clients and candidates
You’re in safe hands
We respect candidates and each other and our clients. We strive for diversity and inclusion in all that we do
We care about our industry, our clients, our candidates, our community our country and the world. Striving to make it a better place to be and to thrive
Give back
We love to give back to both the industry we serve and to the broader community. Changing lives is one of our mottos
We are educators in everything we do, and happily share our know how, knowledge and experience with others
Warts n all recruitment
Down to earth and practical. No over inflated views. Always tell the ‘kind truth’. Experts at keeping it real, be honest and be vulnerable
Be authentic
We are different, refreshingly so. It’s all about adding value to our clients, in both the process, technology and for the candidate experience.

Our Passion
& Purpose

For us, it goes beyond making the best recruitment experiences in the universe – it’s about believing everyone is capable of employment greatness, creating lasting change in recruitment practices, adding diversity into our and your candidate mix, and giving back to the community, adding so much more to employers in any recruitment practice.

How, you ask? Well, we know recruitment and are experts at its processes and tools. So while we are ensuring efficiency and cost reduction within your hiring processes, you can deliver on your HR brand promise. We know how. Recruit Better.

We know recruitment. We are passionate about people and helping out. With 28-years experience, we are happy to share what works (and what doesn’t).

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Why we are different

Not a typical recruitment agency. We can flex to suit your needs. You can use us as little or as much as you need. We are adaptable, flexible and will tailor every project or campaign for your specific organisation and roles. We also work hard to reduce your costs and time to hire, improve efficiencies and help share know-how, skills and knowledge. Our differential being the data, analysis and insights we provide to clients at every step in the process.


Meet the team

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Our team are all experts in recruitment, ATS set-up, data analysis and TA insights. Most of us have over 20-years experience in the recruitment industry, running or advising large in-house recruitment or TA teams.

Looking for pedigree recruiters? So are our clients. Browse our client lists below and get to know the team by reading our bios.

We know recruitment and will never put a junior on your account to select your most precious resources – your people. Recruit Clever.

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young team looking at computer screen in office to 2021 08 26 16 32 28 utc

Case Studies


Recruitment ATS review

small hr strategy meeting


Large Petrochemical Company


To review all existing recruitment practices across three very different divisions and make recommendations for improvement to TA or RPO. Including at looking at new ATS options.


Identified an additional $5.2 million of “unseen” spend, highlighted 20 “suppliers” who were not on the official panel. Put forward 13 key recommendations for recruitment process improvement, with potential cost savings of 56% on temp fees and on costs, a saving of $892K. Tighter cost controls, improved standards & increased cross divisional efficiencies.


Full Recruitment Review Undertaken over a three-week period.


RPO Vendor Selection

training meeting 2


National Retail Chain of Stores


To help create a new centralised TA / recruitment team, to provide centralised, national support for local store managers by helping select a new Master Vendor for all retail recruitment.


Acted as neutral independent consultant, working as part of Project Team with HR, Line Managers and Procurement Dept to draft tender document, vet tenders submitted, attend vendor site visits, question viability of models proposed & check capabilities of vendors.


Lead to thorough, prompt, successful selection of new RPO Vendor.


High Staff Turnover Challenge / Increase Retention



Multinational Health & Pest Control Company


Extremely high turnover of staff, particularly in the sales force. Wished to know why and what could be done to change such a trend. Most people leaving in the first three months.


Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a four week period, including analysis of hiring practices, salary packages and targets, staff focus groups and exit interview data.


Reduced Turnover, improved selection practices and advertising standards nationally. Reviewed salary packages and proposed new “warm welcome” induction process.

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What our clients say

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“Before working with Hill Consulting, our recruitment function was not centralised, inefficient, and far from best-practice. We were spending excessively with far too many agencies, had no preferred supplier agreements in place, had a long complex process and had no automation or online hiring practices. Hill Consulting’s audit helped us identify thirteen key changes that we needed to implement. Following the audit, we decided to purchase and implement a Candidate Management System and centralise the recruitment team. This provided much needed standardisation, greater efficiencies, and a more professional service to the business with significant cost benefits.”

Ted Bradshaw, HRD, Aurora Energy, Tasmania.
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“For a strategic review - a key feature of Hill Consulting HRS is their total independence from any recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing or candidate management system provider. This ensures their complete objectivity and neutrality in assessing their clients’ recruitment needs, challenges and opportunities.”

Andrew Hall, Director, Sydney, NSW.
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“Hill Consulting HRS have provided excellent solutions and service to our organisation. The flexibility and adaptability that was also provided made working with them so easy, given business priorities change and therefore the solutions provided at times had to also change.”

Sharyn Shultz, HRD, Sydney, NSW.
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“I have known Hill Consulting HRS and Rachel for many years both personally and professionally, and find their consultants to be extremely intelligent and highly motivated HR professionals. I would highly recommend Hill Consulting HRS to any organisation needing specialist consulting services in recruitment advice and strategy arenas.”

Nikki Beaumont, Director, NSW.
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“I know it is late but I wanted to say thank you for matching me with Annette and Scoot Boots. Just finished the first week. Love the team and the culture.

Recent candidate Tasmania
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Our clients

Clients are delighted with the impact we have on their business efficiency and enjoy working with Hill Consulting. We are practical, honest and fun!

So whether it be a major recruitment campaign, HR change/organisational restructure, new ATS purchase or hiring manager skills training, we can help!

From recruitment reviews to recruitment and efficiency, we can help. We have already assisted the following organisations with their recruitment practices: