Recruitment And Talent Acquisition Strategy Reviews And Advice

Hill Consulting HRS draws on more than 28 years’ experience and our diagnostic tools that will help you transform your TA function for improved efficiency. Including better Attraction, Process Flow, and Hiring Fit. We will undertake a detailed review of your recruitment function and processes using diagnostic tools and industry expertise to give you the business case for change and a detailed step by step report so you can improve your hiring practices, and lift capability within your in-house recruitment. So you can attract the right people to support your business strategy.


How we work

We often help and assist clients by undertaking full strategic Recruitment Reviews. Looking at the three main areas of Attraction, Process Flow and candidate Fit to role and organisation. These strategic reviews included VOC insights and a Report and recommendations. This helps clients with the financial business case for change and two-year TA road map.

Our reviews help our clients (often HR) with the diagnostics and ROI costing for change. Adding to the businesses bottom line. And HR better supporting business strategy.

Our insights and recommendations help define TA functionality, service level expectations, and help justify an increased in TA headcount or purchase of a new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or AI tools for recruitment.

We are neutral independent advisers (Neither a vendor or recruitment agency) providing sound, practical down to earth advice. We also help assist with HR tech reviews, purchase, recommendations on tools and their implementations if needed.

How a Recruitment Review Works

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What Does A Recruitment Review Look Like?

For a more detailed look at how we analyse, review and improve your in-house recruitment strategy and talent acquisition practices you can download our in-depth PDF below. Here is a five point summary of how we review your recruitment:
  • Scoping Phase - The needs, expectations and objectives are identified
  • Recruitment Audit Preparation Pack & Pre-Audit Info - Our pack is sent out to the key internal contact with step-by-step details
  • Audit Phase (on site interviews & data collection) - The onsite and offsite work analysing the present recruitment processes
    1. Quantitative - We undertake one on one discussions with key stakeholders
    2. Qualitative - We collect and assess baseline data relating to key recruitment metrics across the organisation (download PDF for full info)
  • Data Analysis & Findings Review Phase - After rigorous data analysis, we use a range of HR metrics and diagnostic tools plus our industry knowledge to measure and compare your performance against industry best practices and consider future options
  • Final Report, Recommendations & Business Case - The Final Audit report provides the client with an Executive Summary, Key findings and the data behind this, Recommendations and quick wins plus a new Recruitment Strategy and a two year road map for change, including next actions and business case for change, outlined for the immediate and long-term future

Who Is A Recruitment Strategy And Talent Acquisition Review For?

Generally, corporates or government agencies with over 1000 staff in Australia. We cover any industry, best practices are global, but we tailor our reviews and advice based on your company’s current practices, culture and budget. We already have vast experience in the following industries:

  • Power, Energy & Utility Companies
  • Government
  • Not For Profit & Charities
  • Health Care
  • Banking & Finance

Benefits Of a Recruitment Review

Hill Consulting will revolutionise the way your company recruits so that:

  • Candidates get better experiences
  • Employers get better quality hires
  • Time to hire is reduced
  • Costs per hire are reduced
  • Increased Staff Retention is increased
  • Better fit to role and organisation culture
  • Increased Hiring Capability of HR and Leaders
  • Recruitment supports Corporate Strategy

All of this done with better candidate care, more D&I thought and considerations, plus better candidate fit to your culture.

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How we help

Process Flow
Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. As part of our strategic recruitment reviews, we look at your process flow. We will map out every step in your process, review your time to hire, cost per hire and quality of hire. Including stakeholder experience such as Hiring Manager and Candidate (VOC) feedback. This provide clients with key insights, identify any blockages, and where the process or HR technology and tools need to change Small changes can create big wins in terms of process, efficiency and costs. Greater attraction and hiring agility, and better quality of hires via improved  recruitment efficiency
We help clients take a look at their EVP and Employer Branding Messages. Are messages clear? Are there any gaps? Would people recognise them in the marketplace?
We help our client’s current to identify their employer branding and EVP messaging, including possible new talent pipelines, and the use of social media in recruitment. Providing reports on current market presence against competitors. We can also work with you to identify your unique EVP and Brand footprint should be for better talent attraction and retention.
Candidate Fit to Role & Organisation
Sometimes our clients attract good (and bad) candidates but then struggle to identify who is a good fit for the role and or the organisation. This is where our Recruitment Skills Training for Leaders and Hiring Managers comes in. Teaching then not only how to be compliant and act within the law. But also, how to identify the best candidates via Competency Based Interviewing skills and or the use of better tools and technology during recruitment assessment stages.
Click here to download our TA Diagnostic Model.

Through our TA Reviews we use a unique
Recruitment Audit Compass. A holistic 360 approach which looks at 16 different facets of Recruitment.

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Case Studies


Recruitment ATS review

small hr strategy meeting


Large Petrochemical Company


To review all existing recruitment practices across three very different divisions and make recommendations for improvement to TA or RPO. Including at looking at new ATS options.


Identified an additional $5.2 million of “unseen” spend, highlighted 20 “suppliers” who were not on the official panel. Put forward 13 key recommendations for recruitment process improvement, with potential cost savings of 56% on temp fees and on costs, a saving of $892K. Tighter cost controls, improved standards & increased cross divisional efficiencies.


Full Recruitment Review Undertaken over a three-week period.


RPO Vendor Selection

training meeting 2


National Retail Chain of Stores


To help create a new centralised TA / recruitment team, to provide centralised, national support for local store managers by helping select a new Master Vendor for all retail recruitment.


Acted as neutral independent consultant, working as part of Project Team with HR, Line Managers and Procurement Dept to draft tender document, vet tenders submitted, attend vendor site visits, question viability of models proposed & check capabilities of vendors.


Lead to thorough, prompt, successful selection of new RPO Vendor.


High Staff Turnover Challenge / Increase Retention



Multinational Health & Pest Control Company


Extremely high turnover of staff, particularly in the sales force. Wished to know why and what could be done to change such a trend. Most people leaving in the first three months.


Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a four week period, including analysis of hiring practices, salary packages and targets, staff focus groups and exit interview data.


Reduced Turnover, improved selection practices and advertising standards nationally. Reviewed salary packages and proposed new “warm welcome” induction process.


What our clients say

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“Before working with Hill Consulting, our recruitment function was not centralised, inefficient, and far from best-practice. We were spending excessively with far too many agencies, had no preferred supplier agreements in place, had a long complex process and had no automation or online hiring practices. Hill Consulting’s audit helped us identify thirteen key changes that we needed to implement. Following the audit, we decided to purchase and implement a Candidate Management System and centralise the recruitment team. This provided much needed standardisation, greater efficiencies, and a more professional service to the business with significant cost benefits.”

Ted Bradshaw, HRD, Aurora Energy, Tasmania.
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“For a strategic review - a key feature of Hill Consulting HRS is their total independence from any recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing or candidate management system provider. This ensures their complete objectivity and neutrality in assessing their clients’ recruitment needs, challenges and opportunities.”

Andrew Hall, Director, Sydney, NSW.
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“Hill Consulting HRS have provided excellent solutions and service to our organisation. The flexibility and adaptability that was also provided made working with them so easy, given business priorities change and therefore the solutions provided at times had to also change.”

Sharyn Shultz, HRD, Sydney, NSW.
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“I have known Hill Consulting HRS and Rachel for many years both personally and professionally, and find their consultants to be extremely intelligent and highly motivated HR professionals. I would highly recommend Hill Consulting HRS to any organisation needing specialist consulting services in recruitment advice and strategy arenas.”

Nikki Beaumont, Director, NSW.
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“I know it is late but I wanted to say thank you for matching me with Annette and Scoot Boots. Just finished the first week. Love the team and the culture.

Recent candidate Tasmania
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