Hill Consulting Partner with PageUp To Provide Optimisation For Their ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

By Rachel Hill
Date: 8th April 2024

Hill Consulting is proud to announce becoming an authorised partner of PageUp, the most powerful talent acquisition software for companies to Recruit, develop and retain high-performing teams. Hill Consulting have 4 in-house experts who can provide support, training, workshops and optimisation for this powerful recruitment tool to enable companies to maximise their system and their capabilities.

If you are keen to learn more about how we can help take your ATS PageUp platform to the next level of optimisation, usage, reporting and functionality or just talk to us about your recruitment challenges please reach out by DM on LinkedIn or contact me via our website.

We also provide Recruitment Skills Training for TA and Hiring Managers (outside of the ATS technology framework) as well, providing a broader capability uplift in recruitment skills.

ATS Optimisation

Many large companies have existing recruitment databases and tools that need a refresh or a new team trained up to maximise usage. And reconfigures so that it can be utilised correctly. Hill Consulting can help maximise this powerful suite of recruitment tools to massively uplift productivity of the recruitment team. Saving hours of work and helping to attract the right talent. Reduce delays in the hiring process, ensure better process flow and candidate care. Plus reduce gaps in time to hire so no empty seats costing the organisation money in lost opportunity costs. The benefits of doing a review and upskilling are huge.

What Is PageUp?

PageUp is a powerful software platform dedicated to Recruitment, Development, Attraction, Onboarding of new employees. It helps Recruitment teams, hiring managers to manage the recruitment process and keep a database of everyone who has ever applied.

PageUp provides a full suite of tools to help you deliver measurable results in:

  • Recruitment Marketing - Automate an exceptional candidate experience to build high-quality talent pipelines. Create Personalised candidate journeys with easy website management and marketing automation
    • Applicant Tracking System - Improve efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment to deliver ROI. Rich, powerful talent attraction, pipelining and recruitment workflows
    • Onboarding - Deliver an outstanding, memorable onboarding experience. Automated tasks and workflows ensure compliance and speed to competency
    • Learning - Develop, motivate and retain great people. Deliver a broad range of learning with our comprehensive learning management system
    • Performance - Empower valuable development conversations. Enable traditional and contemporary approaches to performance with goal tracking, journaling and the PageUp Everyday Performance app
    • Succession - Develop an outstanding talent bench. Map critical roles, calibrate talent, measure bench strength and allow employees to voice their aspirations

Lastly, PageUp has More than 150+ seamless integrations and can bring all your Recruitment tech under one roof.

How We Can Help With PageUp

Successful use and integration of an ATS is not just about the systems and technology alone. We believe true Recruitment transformation comes from examining both the hard and soft skills of the TA team and we add in some design thinking. We assist our clients to Recruit Better. We work with progressive TA teams, who want efficiency improvements, working with our clients in partnership to provide a guiding hand and expertise in transformations. Not only with the technology aspects but also the broader talent operations.

In-House PageUp Expertise

Our resident PageUp Master User, tech, data and analytical superstar Tom Pritchard has deep knowledge and experience with the platform as do our Director Rachel Hill and Tamara Di Veroli and Ellie Hogben. All four bring a wealth of knowledge on how to get the best out of it!! Especially for your bulk Recruitment campaigns or reporting needs.

Let Hill Consulting help you get the most out of this powerful software and help your company grow faster and build strongly performing recruitment teams.

Dayne Nash from PageUp has also educated us on heaps of new features, new AI and marketing tools (Clinch) that you may not be aware of, but you should definitely know about!

This makes Hill Consulting as an even more valuable partner regarding how to maximise your recruitment process alongside our rapidly expanding training courses for TA Teams and Hiring Manager skills training.

Benefits Of Optimising PageUp

A properly utilised tool will help the recruitment team free up hours of manual work and reach your recruitment goals.

Hill Consulting can create a customised training and optimisation package based on your specific company needs:

Our PageUp Optimisation package Includes:

  • Facilitated discovery workshop & process mapping to understand your current challenges.
  • A comprehensive review of your ATS
  • A deep dive into current usage, candidate experience and optimisation
  • A scan of your technical ecosystem with an optimisation lens
  • Reporting overview and insights
  • Industry best practice research and comparison data
  • Final insights and recommendations report produced highlighting priorities.
  • Facilitated report findings presentation & discussion.
  • Capability uplift (PUP Skills) sessions

Where To Begin?

Talk with me! If you would like some help, I'm always here and happy to have a free initial 30-minute chat about your recruitment strategy, Operations and TA modelling and AI and Tech tools.  Especially optimising PageUp and other HR Tech tools needed for recruitment. Please feel free to contact me at Rachel Hill.

Do you have a recruitment strategy in place? Just download the Recruitment Audit Compass and Model and contact us if you’d like to work on your broader TA model further than just an ATS review.