PageUp Optimisation

Hill Consulting Are Official PageUp Partners To Provide Optimisation For Their ATS (Applicant Tracking System)


Hill Consulting is an authorised partner of PageUp, the most a powerful talent acquisition software tool that helps organisations to recruit, develop and retain high-performing teams employees. Hill Consulting has four in-house experts who can provide PageUp support, training, workshops and optimisation for this powerful recruitment tool to enable companies to maximise their system and their capabilities


Optimise Your PageUp Capabilities

If you are keen to learn more about how we can help take your ATS PageUp platform to the next level of optimisation, usage, reporting and functionality or just talk to us about your recruitment challenges please reach out by DM on LinkedIn or contact me via our website.
We also provide Recruitment Skills Training for TA and Hiring Managers (outside of the ATS technology framework) as well, providing a broader capability uplift in recruitment skills.

ATS Optimisation And Review

Many large companies have existing recruitment databases and tools that need a refresh or a new team trained up to maximise usage. And reconfigured so that it can be fully utilised . Hill Consulting can help maximise this powerful suite of recruitment and performance tools to uplift the productivity and output of the recruitment team.

Automation of manual tasks can save hours of work and help to attract the right talent, reduce delays in the hiring process, ensure better process flow and improve candidate care. Plus reduce the time to hire so fewer empty seats costing the organisation money in lost opportunity costs. The financial benefits of doing a review and up-skilling are huge.

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How We Can Help With ATS Transformation

Successful use and integration of an ATS is not just about the systems and technology alone. We believe true Recruitment transformation comes from examining both the hard and soft skills of the TA team and we add in some design thinking. We assist our clients to recruit better.

We work with progressive TA teams, who want efficiency improvements, working with our clients in partnership to provide a guiding hand and expertise in upskilling and creating efficiencies. Not only with the technology aspects but also the broader talent operations, candidate care and attraction.

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In-House PageUp Expertise

Rachel Hill (Director )

Enormous real-world experience of 20+ years of using ATS systems and improving HR teams and tech

Tom Pritchard

Our resident PageUp Super User, tech, data and analytical superstar has deep knowledge and experience with the platform

Tamara Di Veroli

15+ years of experience in TA, process and systems improvement

Ellie Hogben

Another TA and recruitment specialist with 12 years + of TA, systems development and systems implementation expertise

All four bring a wealth of knowledge on how to get the best out of your ATS.

We also help clients with their bulk Recruitment campaigns or reporting needs. We ensure we work closely with Dayne Nash from PageUp so we are at the forefront of expertise with this system.

What our clients say

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“Before working with Hill Consulting, our recruitment function was not centralised, inefficient, and far from best-practice. We were spending excessively with far too many agencies, had no preferred supplier agreements in place, had a long complex process and had no automation or online hiring practices. Hill Consulting’s audit helped us identify thirteen key changes that we needed to implement. Following the audit, we decided to purchase and implement a Candidate Management System and centralise the recruitment team. This provided much needed standardisation, greater efficiencies, and a more professional service to the business with significant cost benefits.”

Ted Bradshaw, HRD, Aurora Energy, Tasmania.
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“For a strategic review - a key feature of Hill Consulting HRS is their total independence from any recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing or candidate management system provider. This ensures their complete objectivity and neutrality in assessing their clients’ recruitment needs, challenges and opportunities.”

Andrew Hall, Director, Sydney, NSW.
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“Hill Consulting HRS have provided excellent solutions and service to our organisation. The flexibility and adaptability that was also provided made working with them so easy, given business priorities change and therefore the solutions provided at times had to also change.”

Sharyn Shultz, HRD, Sydney, NSW.
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“I have known Hill Consulting HRS and Rachel for many years both personally and professionally, and find their consultants to be extremely intelligent and highly motivated HR professionals. I would highly recommend Hill Consulting HRS to any organisation needing specialist consulting services in recruitment advice and strategy arenas.”

Nikki Beaumont, Director, NSW.
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“I know it is late but I wanted to say thank you for matching me with Annette and Scoot Boots. Just finished the first week. Love the team and the culture.

Recent candidate Tasmania
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Improve Your ATS Capabilities

Let Hill Consulting help you get the most out of this powerful software and help your company grow faster and build strongly performing recruitment teams.

This new alliance makes Hill Consulting an even more valuable partner for you on how to maximise your recruitment systems and processes alongside our deeper soft skills training courses for TA Teams and Hiring Managers.

Benefits Of Optimising PageUp

A properly utilised ATS  will help the recruitment function free up hours of their time from  manual work and kick more recruitment goals. Hill Consulting can create a customised training and optimisation package based on your specific company needs:

Our PageUp Optimisation Package Includes:

  • Facilitated discovery workshop & process mapping to understand your current challenges
  • A comprehensive review of your ATS
  • A deep dive into current usage, candidate experience and optimisation
  • A scan of your technical ecosystem with an optimisation lens
  • Reporting overview and insights
  • Industry best practice research and comparison data
  • Final insights and recommendations report produced highlighting priorities
  • Facilitated report findings presentation & discussion
  • Capability uplift (PUP Skills) sessions

All pricing is bespoke as training and optimisation are based on your specific needs so give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Where To Begin?

Talk with me! If you would like some help, I'm always here and happy to have a free initial 30-minute chat about your recruitment strategy, operations, TA modelling and AI and tech tools.  Especially optimising PageUp and other HR tech tools needed for recruitment. Please feel free to contact me at Rachel Hill.

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