Compare Recruitment Skills Training Courses in Australia And See How Hill Consulting Offers More In-Depth HR Training

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Many courses that claim to cover recruitment skills training are not only very basic but also part of either a very generic part of different ATO qualification (such as one module in an Business Diploma) or delivered by generic HR / Business Trainers. See how the courses compare with our programs*.

Monarch Institute
AIM (Australian Institute of Man)
AHRI (Australian HR Institute)
Hill Consulting HRS
One Module of a HR Diploma **
Two Day Program
Two x 90 minute online sessions
One Day – Eight hours Eight Deep Dive ModulesAdd New
Basic Coverage
Basic Coverage
Basic Coverage
Soft Skills Enhancement
Diversity & Inclusion elements x 4
✓ Developing the necessary policies and procedures
✓ Legal and organisational implications in terms of state and federal legislation.
★ Performance management processes
★ Balancing legal and ethical obligations for creating a fair and safe working environment
✓ Job/person specification
✓ The recruitment process
✓ Diversity considerations
✓ Recruitment policies and procedures
✓ Legislation
✓ Workforce planning
✓ Sourcing strategy
✓ Recruitment benchmarks
✓ Employer brand<
✓ Recruitment plan
✓ Creating the job ad
✓ Pre-screening
✓ Induction
✓ Candidate assessment
★ Ongoing development options
✓ Interview/selection
★ Managing probation
✓ Hiring
✓ Using a systematic interview and selection process to achieve sound recruitment outcomes
✓ Developing effective interview questions

✓ Using behavioural based interview questions

✓ Legal considerations associated with recruitment
✓ Screening job applicants
✓ Structuring the interview process
✓ Evaluating candidates accurately ✓ Conducting pre-employment checks
✓ Assessing information and making the selection decision
✓ Providing feedback to job candidates
✓ The current Market Place
✓ EVP & Employer Branding Advertising
✓ Pipelines to Market
✓ Social Media in Recruitment
✓ EEO & The Law
✓ Pre-Course Quiz
✓ Federal & State Laws
✓ Privacy Act & Code of Conduct
✓ Moving from Job/person specification to key competencies
✓ Competency based Interviewing
✓ Diversity & Inclusion
✓ Barriers to Hire
✓ Unconscious Bias in Recruitment
✓ The recruitment process (tailored for your organisation)
✓ Your Recruitment policies & procedures
✓ Sourcing strategies
✓ Interview Practice
✓ Interview Structure & Etiquette
✓ Different Question Types
✓ Probing & gathering evidence
✓ Scoring Evidence
✓ The Recruitment Plan
✓ Pre-screening
✓ Good onboarding & Induction
✓ Candidate Care
✓ Different Candidate assessments
✓ Reference Checking
✓ Learning Plans
Online Program
Face to Face Program  
Online Training
Face to Face at your premises or online options
Price Circa: $825 + GST
Price circa: $1795.00 + GST
Price circa $570 - 800.00 + GST
Price Circa: $1000 + GST (public courses) $500 + GST inhouse*
One Day
Two Days
 3 hours
One Day
Generic Trainer
Generic Trainer Generic Management Trainer face to face
Generic HR Trainer Online
Expert in Recruitment & Selection Face to Face or Online Options

* (Research based on four provider’s websites & brochures accurate as of April 2024)

** (Module 2 - Build a skilled workforce. Managing recruitment selection and induction processes)

Notes: Trainer profiles are unavailable on most websites except Hill Consulting HRS. See Our sister company The Recruitment Skills Academy for full bios.

*Our in house course available for Corporates based on 15 people

AIM Courses also include free access to other online modules.

Course Price

For pricing information please get in touch so we can give you a cost specific to your company's requirements


Summarising The Overall Comparisons

As you can see the breadth and depth of the modules with Hill Consulting have no comparisons. The other benefits of Hill Consulting training are:

  • We use corporate recruitment specialists with a minimum of 15 years experience each
  • Our courses have more in-depth and varied modules, skills that Recruiters and Hiring Managers actually need
  • We practice real interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Cover indepth laws and legislation impacting recruitment
  • Our courses can be tailored to your company, not just generic
  • We use real-world examples, not hypothetical ones
  • We are passionate about Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment
  • We look at the current market place, social media and tips and tricks for better candidate attraction techniques

Get The Most Out Of Your HR Training

Although some programs supply the basics of recruitment – such as a policy  the course content (in our opinion) only covers half or a quarter of what is required by todays’ Recruiter or for dynamic leaders and organisations struggling with modern-day recruitment challenges. Our mantra - Recruit Better!

All leaders need to have Recruitment Skills as part of their leadership toolbox. Consider putting your leaders and managers through the Hill Consulting HRS Recruitment Skills Program. Certification Available to recognise skills.

Our courses are designed and delivered by real experts in their field, for maximum impact on your hiring practices. Our programs cover everything from compliance, and the law to soft skills, tips and techniques for questioning, probing and interview structure and how to leverage your strategic recruitment approaches via better adverts and pipelines to market as an organisation.

All our courses can be tailored to your organisation's specifica policies and procedures, and values and behaviours.

Our Trainers

  • All of our trainers have at least 15 years specifically in Recruitment and Selection positions, working both in-house for either government, NFP, Corporate
  • Our courses have been developed over the last eight years to reflect the current challenges facing organisations in a tight labour market in 2024
  • Diversity and Inclusion are a big part of our programs and how we incorporate several elements and discussion of this as part of our one-day programs

Course Price

For pricing information please get in touch so we can give you a cost specific to your company's requirements


What our clients say

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“Before working with Hill Consulting, our recruitment function was not centralised, inefficient, and far from best-practice. We were spending excessively with far too many agencies, had no preferred supplier agreements in place, had a long complex process and had no automation or online hiring practices. Hill Consulting’s audit helped us identify thirteen key changes that we needed to implement. Following the audit, we decided to purchase and implement a Candidate Management System and centralise the recruitment team. This provided much needed standardisation, greater efficiencies, and a more professional service to the business with significant cost benefits.”

Ted Bradshaw, HRD, Aurora Energy, Tasmania.
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“For a strategic review - a key feature of Hill Consulting HRS is their total independence from any recruiter, recruitment process outsourcing or candidate management system provider. This ensures their complete objectivity and neutrality in assessing their clients’ recruitment needs, challenges and opportunities.”

Andrew Hall, Director, Sydney, NSW.
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“Hill Consulting HRS have provided excellent solutions and service to our organisation. The flexibility and adaptability that was also provided made working with them so easy, given business priorities change and therefore the solutions provided at times had to also change.”

Sharyn Shultz, HRD, Sydney, NSW.
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“I have known Hill Consulting HRS and Rachel for many years both personally and professionally, and find their consultants to be extremely intelligent and highly motivated HR professionals. I would highly recommend Hill Consulting HRS to any organisation needing specialist consulting services in recruitment advice and strategy arenas.”

Nikki Beaumont, Director, NSW.
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“I know it is late but I wanted to say thank you for matching me with Annette and Scoot Boots. Just finished the first week. Love the team and the culture.

Recent candidate Tasmania
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