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What is the Recruitment Audit Compass?

Hill Consulting HRS have developed a proven recruitment audit methodology and diagnostic tool that will help review your organisation’s current recruitment practices, processes and strategy. Then we can help you map out your future recruitment options. This can be conveyed both mathematically (via a scoring system) and also visually, via a 16-facet compass.

The 16 areas of the compass each represent a different aspect of recruitment. We ask detailed questions on each area, and give you a score out of 10 for each area. We then score each quarter of the compass and give you a score out of 40 for each quarter. Finally, you receive a total score, reflecting our holistic approach to recruitment best practice.

How is it used?

The Recruitment Audit Compass scoring system and review is applied as part of a recruitment audit. Your Compass score will help us in making recommendations for your future recruitment directions.

Whilst a full audit is recommended, the Recruitment Audit Compass, inclusive of all 160 questions, is also available as an online tool. Go here for further details.

The Recruitment Audit Compass

The 16 Point Recruitment Audit Compass
Click on diagram to enlarge the compass.