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710, 2016

Our Unique Recruitment Audit Compass and Methodology

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Recruitment Audit Compass Methodology Strategies Improving Organisational Performance through better quality Recruitment Practices.   What is the Recruitment Audit Compass? Hill Consulting HRS have developed a proven Recruitment Audit methodology and diagnostics that will [...]

410, 2016

10 of the most useful HR apps you need to know about now

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By Rachel Hill as published in AHRI Online, 1st Oct 2016. In the past year alone, there’s been a real explosion in the HR app, technology and platform market. Practitioners need to be across these new tools, as [...]

1208, 2016

How to Humanise Recruitment – Your Recruitment Checklist – Part II

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Last time I provided 15 humanising things in terms of a checklist. Below I have included 16 more. My list is actually even longer! So for the rest, drop me a line or go to my website. Happy to share.

1208, 2016

How to Humanise Recruitment – Your Recruitment Check List – Part I

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In our rush to modernise, get online, get mobile we’ve forgotten some of the basic human elements of recruitment. At the end of the day we are hiring people – to work with other people, not machines. As anyone will tell you, it’s the role clarity, cultural fit, team fit and behaviours, negotiation and trust, that are most important human factors in the hiring process (not just the online application form).

1207, 2016

Robot Recruitment & Big Data in HR – 5 things you need to know?

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I’ve been working in HR and recruitment with mid to large corporations to improve their recruitment function and hiring capabilities for close to 25 years. In this time, the recruitment and hiring function has undergone [...]

2906, 2016

The True Cost of Recruitment

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How much does it cost your organisation when you get it wrong? And how to get it right in a competitive market place