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Rachel Hill is a Recruitment Expert, a world class authority, speaker and author on Recruitment Best Practices for organisations wishing to review their processes and automation. She helps create the Business Case for Change and works with organisations on their processes, systems, candidate experience and vendor selection.

Are Your Organisation’s Hiring Processes Mobile Friendly?

We know that more individuals are using their devices to search for jobs. At the same time, many companies aren’t clued up on how to target these individuals while they’re on the move. What’s more, they don’t know how to convert their interest into applications. Thanks CV Library one of the UK’s fastest growing Recruitment [...]

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Talent Acquisition Insights – 2018

Want to learn about the current trends and priorities for Talent Acquisition for HR professionals in 2018? Want the inside knowledge into what other professionals flag as on HR’s key challenges and opportunities? What’s the latest HR tech and talent acquisition tips others are using? Take the Survey - click here Hill Consulting HRS are [...]

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Industry Insights – What Do Recruiters Want? 2018 Survey

Are you a professional who works in the recruitment industry for a recruitment agency or search firm? If so, we would love to hear from you! We are conducting a new survey on the Australian recruitment market place. We are asking professionals to take part, so we can discover what’s most important to recruiters and agencies in [...]

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Industry Insights – What Do Candidates Really Want? 2018 Survey

Happy New Year to everyone and all the best for 2018. Your Help Please! Hill Consulting HRS is currently enlisting the help of candidates and Recruiters across Australia (and internationally) to help in a major piece of HR research that we are undertaking during January 2018. From Monday 8th January we have launched our first [...]

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HR Tech Summit 2017 – Top 5 HR IT Apps in Australia, as Reviewed by Rachel Hill

September 2017 Business Events, Sydney Australia I was honoured this year to have been asked to support the HR Tech Summit in Sydney in September as a speaker and Tech Talk presenter at an event drawing over 150 HR Directors. Speaking on one of my favourite subjects HR technology and automation. I will be facilitating [...]

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Values Based Recruitment – What is it? And how to get it right?

I was honoured this year to have been asked to support the Tasmanian State Government at the launch of the 2018 Employer of Choice Awards around Tasmania in September. I facilitated a workshop in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport called ‘Values based recruitment (VBR) and how to get it right’, where we talk about what is [...]

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10 ways you can take your Onboarding to the next level.

By Rachel Hill HR Strategist | Automation, Tech & HRIS Advisor | Helping HR to get automated I Recruitment Audit Just a few years ago, onboarding was a relatively new concept for HR. Since then, many studies and articles have been written on the benefits of a good onboarding program. One of the biggest benefits to [...]

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Why many HRIS projects fail and how to avoid this.

By Rachel Hill as published in AHRI Online, 22 October 2016. HR Strategist | Automation, Tech & HRIS Advisor | Helping HR to get automated I Recruitment Auditor Human resources information systems (HRIS) seem to have gone into over drive, with an explosion of new features and modules in the past few years. These major IT system automations [...]

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Our Unique Recruitment Audit Compass and Methodology

Recruitment Audit Compass Methodology Strategies Improving Organisational Performance through better quality Recruitment Practices.   What is the Recruitment Audit Compass? Hill Consulting HRS have developed a proven Recruitment Audit methodology and diagnostics that will help review organisations current recruitment practices, processes and strategy. The key “tool” or methodology use to objectively review an organisations [...]

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10 of the most useful HR apps you need to know about now

By Rachel Hill as published in AHRI Online, 1st Oct 2016. In the past year alone, there’s been a real explosion in the HR app, technology and platform market. Practitioners need to be across these new tools, as they can save you huge amounts of time, effort and money. While you’re waiting for the next big enterprise system [...]

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