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Recruitment Audits

Hill Consulting HRS draws on more than 25 years’ experience and a proven Recruitment Audit methodology that will help your recruitment function improve efficiency.

Our recommendations can achieve process improvements and substantial savings in cost, time and quality to deliver a better recruitment experience for both your hiring managers and your candidates. This will have important flow-on effects for your speed to hire, cost per hire, quality of hires, retention capability and Employer Brand (EVP).

Our Audits often lead to a business case for change or purchase justification and or the cost: benefit analysis of any change.

To find out more about our unique Recruitment Audit Methodology, and the process undertaken click here… Or for more information contact us.

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Recruitment Strategy

We assist organisations to develop their future Recruitment Strategy. We can undertake a review of current practices and then tailor a strategy that will suit your business, from Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), to a new Master Vendor model or for the establishment of a preferred supplier list or an in-house specialist team. Or you may want to purchase a new Candidate Management System? We can help. We also have the capacity to work with our clients on follow-on activities such as the Change Management, or Project Management on any new system or purchase and the Employer Branding and EVP requirements. We also help clients with issues such as workforce planning, diversity or an aging workforce.

Most importantly, our neutral, independent status and frank and honest approach ensures that due diligence is completed on any new business case, proposal and expenditure. For more information contact us

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Advice

Australian employers seeking to reduce their recruitment costs and improve recruitment efficiencies often assume that outsourcing or RPO is their best option. At Hill Consulting, we encourage employers to consider whether this is the right course of action for them. Organisations also often want a review of their current spend, suppliers and the terms with their existing suppliers with a view to a new preferred supplier list or running a tender to reduce the number of suppliers. Experts in supplier negotiation we often work with both HR and Procurement departments to advise them on new terms, supplier contract, rates and help design and run the tender process.

Our clients are asking – do the financials and return on investment stack up for any brave new venture? Which vendor or suppliers should we choose? We believe that knowledge is power and we help our clients by giving valuable insights to the market place and reasonable terms.

We also help clients with Recruitment Benchmarking and Recruitment Best Practice advice, knowledge and insights. For more information contact us