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2603, 2018

Human Centred Design For HR?

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Human Centred Design is gaining momentum in HR as more organisations are accepting they need to put employees and experiences at the centre of all they do. More simply put, “Design Thinking” is a way [...]

1903, 2018

Employee Experience – EX – What is it? and How do we measure it?

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"Employee experience is like customer experience : everyone is talking about it but very few measure it. Beyond the qualitative side and the “Wow effect” it’s hard to measure it and identify directions for improvement. [...]

903, 2018

Candidate Recruitment Experience 2018 Highlights and Infographic

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Hill Consulting HRS would like to thank individuals who participated in our 2018 Candidate Recruitment Experience survey.

2102, 2018

Diversity Top Priority For Recruiters

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Building diversity in the workforce is a more important objective than other strong influencers such as data, artificial intelligence and interviewing tools. Thanks HRM Magazine online and Chloe Hava for writing such a good and timely article - see [...]

2401, 2018

Are Your Organisation’s Hiring Processes Mobile Friendly?

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We know that more individuals are using their devices to search for jobs. At the same time, many companies aren’t clued up on how to target these individuals while they’re on the move. What’s more, [...]

2401, 2018

Talent Acquisition Insights – 2018

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Want to learn about the current trends and priorities for Talent Acquisition for HR professionals in 2018? Want the inside knowledge into what other professionals flag as on HR’s key challenges and opportunities? What’s the [...]