Detailed below are some case studies of where our services have been utilised. Please contact us for further details.

Recruitment Audit

Client: Large Petrochemical Company
Challenge: To review all existing recruitment practices across three very different divisions, and make recommendations for improvement or RPO.
Approach: Identified an additional $5.2 million of “unseen” spend, highlighted 20 “suppliers” who were not on the official panel. Put forward 13 key recommendations for improvement, with potential cost savings of 56% on temp fees and on costs, a saving of $892K. Tighter cost controls, improved standards & increased cross divisional efficiencies.
Impact: Full Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a three week period.

RPO Vendor Selection

Client: National Retail Chain of Stores
Challenge: To help create a centralised recruitment team, to provide centralised, national support for local store managers by helping select a new Master Vendor for all retail recruitment.
Approach: Acted as neutral independent consultant, working as part of Project Team with HR & Lines Managers to draft tender document, vet tenders submitted, attend vendor site visits, question viability of models proposed & check capabilities of vendors.
Impact: Lead to thorough, prompt, successful selection of new Vendor.

Employee Turnover Challenge

Client: Multinational Health & Pest Control Company
Challenge: Extremely high turnover of staff, particularly in the sales force. Wished to know why and what could be done to change such a trend. Most people leaving in the first three months.
Approach: Recruitment Audit Undertaken over a four week period, including analysis of hiring practices, salary packages and targets, staff focus groups and exit interview data.
Impact: Reduced Turnover, improved selection practices and advertising standards nationally. Reviewed salary packages and proposed new “warm welcome” induction process.

RPO or Internal Options

Client: Top 100 Australian Company
Challenge: To cost out all RPO options, include do nothing, full RPO or in-house specialist team scenarios.
Approach: Working with HR, Finance and Procurement to pull together matrix of options, costs, benefits and risks.
Impact: Provided Leadership team with business case, clear options, costs, savings and business impacts plus scoped the risks of each option affecting an $11.2 million budget.

Project Management – RPO Implementation

Client: Large Petrochemical Company
Challenge: To assist implement of new RPO model and Vendor. Act as project Manager working with both client and supplier to ensure smooth integration of systems & personnel.
Approach: Assist with Initial Vendor Selection & Tender process, justification business case, provided project framework and project management skills for implementation & to embed new processes & partner.
Impact: Ongoing

Recruitment Vendor Selection

Client: Large National Resources Company
Challenge: To reduce 52 recruitment suppliers down to a panel of 9.
Approach: Act as neutral independent consultant, working with HR and Procurement on tender document creation, tender review, supplier review, rate negotiation, contract negotiation on a win:win basis with vendors.
Impact: Reduced average rates from 22% to 17% agency fees and produced annual cost savings realised of approximately $268K cost savings (a 22.8% reduction in costs).

Process Improvement

Client: Multi National Insurance Giant
Challenge: Moving from a decentralised recruitment model (owned by each state GM) to a National, Best Practice, EEO compliant model, providing value adds and support for hiring managers.
Approach: Developed an online tool kit for hiring Managers; including Interview packs, interview question bank, Competency Framework, policy and procedures and best practice guidelines. Provided HR & Line Managers with Interview Skills Training.
Impact: Improved internal efficiencies on time and cost to hire. Enhanced internal skill base. Provided one central point of recruitment tools, resources and advice for line managers.