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Hill Consulting HRS are conducting nationwide research into the recruitment and talent acquisition industry, focussing on the current landscape; the challenges, opportunities, priorities, and more!

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About Us

Hill Consulting HRS is specialist HR business advisory service and rapidly becoming a think tank for innovative ways and new HR Tech to use to recruit and improve hiring practices for major corporations. In 2017 we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients such as BHP, Australia Post, Australia Unity plus Hydro Tasmania and Momentum Energy on their strategies and reviewing and improving processes and efficiency.

About the Author

Rachel Hill is the founder and managing director of Hill Consulting HRS. She is a Management Consultant and business advisor, specialising in recruitment process improvement.

With over 25 years of experience working nationally and internationally in the recruitment space, Rachel is now based in Australia and advises large organisations on their recruitment process, people and technology. She is a recognised expert at ultimately improving culture, engagement and profitability through better hiring practices.

Rachel has a unique ability to pinpoint an organisation’s ‘blind spots’, providing insights on current practices and helping them back to good recruitment health and best practice with a practical approach and road map for change. Rachel is passionate about people and HR automation. She believes in great candidate experiences and knows that good recruitment ultimate impacts the organisation’s bottom line.

To connect with Rachel on LinkedIn and receive more articles like this please get in touch.

M:        0403 899 083

E:         [email protected]

W:        www.hillconsultinghrs.com.au