I was honoured this year to have been asked to support the Tasmanian State Government at the launch of the 2018 Employer of Choice Awards around Tasmania in September.

I facilitated a workshop in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport called ‘Values based recruitment (VBR) and how to get it right’, where we talk about what is values based recruitment? the ‘recruitment health’ of your organisation. What does healthy recruitment look like? What are the obvious, and not so obvious, benefits to your organisation? What are some common recruiting mistakes in VBR, and how can you fix them?

At Hill Consulting, we believe talent acquisition (resourcing) is a vital part of any organisation’s operations, and supports its vision and strategy. Thought leaders recognise that good quality, timely and cost-efficient recruitment and talent acquisition gives organisations a competitive strategic advantage.

We work with businesses to provide them with this edge, so that values based recruitment becomes a cornerstone of their workforce, productivity, engagement and culture.

It all starts with good recruitment.

If you’d like a copy of the slides to download click here. And yes, before you ask we do Values based Recruitment skills training. For more information on this fresh new approach to recruitment give me a call on 0403 899083.

Rachel Hill
The Recruitment Doctor
Managing Director, Hill Consulting HRS

Speaker biography

Rachel Hill (the Recruitment Doctor) is a highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced HR business advisor. Her career in national and international recruitment and process improvement spans over 25 years. She specialises in assisting organisations to undertake a diagnostic look at their current recruitment practices and assess how healthy their current recruitment is in achieving their business goals. Her clients include BHP Billiton, Australia Post, Australian Unity and Hydro Tasmania.

Workshop details

Values based recruitment and how to get it right

  • What is values based recruitment and why should your organisation apply this?
  • What does good recruitment health look like?
  • And what impact is this having on your culture, employee engagement and bottom line?
  • We’ll examine the most common mistakes that organisations make when recruiting, and what to do about it – your five-step plan to values based recruitment.
  • And you’ll get to take away some invaluable tools: The Recruitment Health Check List and Compass!

This session included:

  • Case studies from some of Hill Consulting’s national and international clients
  • Group discussions
  • Giveaways – including templates, a Recruitment Health Checklist and a Roadmap to Success

The format of the workshop was Action Learning, with participant input and discussions, case studies and some tools and template giveaways to help companies with self-assessment of their current recruitment practices during the workshop. The aim was to help participants gain an insight into their recruitment practices, and to and help them create a change action plan for when they got back to the workplace.

The three workshops on Values Based Recruitment, were run on the 6th, 7th or 8th September 2017 organised by the Tasmanian State Government (employer of Choice program) see their website HOBART, DEVONPORT EVENT PAGE (link to be confirmed).